Travis Chen

Executive Director of Business Operations

Travis Chen is a Los Angeles-native and has always been passionate in helping others find success to their goals. Travis is part of the business development team at SoundMind, and is currently a Junior at the University of Southern California studying International Relations & Global Business. 

Earning his Eagle Scout rank at the age of 16 and starting his own business at the age of 10, he lives his life with adventures, discipline and with a constant receptiveness to new ideas through an entrepreneurial spirit. He has represented many organizations and institutions across the globe at a variety of conferences, including at the CES Conference in Las Vegas, ISOT Conference in Tokyo as well as the Maison & Objet show in Paris, France. 

Travis is currently working for the 116th Congress in Washington DC with the office of US Senator Dianne Feinstein of California, the longest serving Senator and known nationally for her bipartisanship. This summer, Travis will be interning at Amazon in their global headquarters in Seattle, Washington working in the Amazon Web Services division. He is passionate about traveling and has journeyed to over 30 countries across the world, favors photography over souvenirs, savors gastronomic cuisine with a diverse culinary palette, enjoys golfing on the weekends, loves the outdoors, frequents SoulCycle, and vacations in big cities. 

Travis is dedicated to the SoundMind project. Having worked with investors, venture capitalists, and clients in a variety of experiences, he looks forward to identifying the value proposition that the app has on a world that is ever-evolving and that depends heavily on technological tools to overcome challenges that everyday individuals — including Veterans, Military personnel and civilians face. He looks forward to ensuring that the app succeeds with the tools needed for product launch and beyond.


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