Saniya Soni

Director of Mindfulness and Depression Research

Saniya Soni is a junior at Drexel University studying psychology and criminal justice. As the Director of Mindfulness and Depression Research, she is responsible for conducting research on the relationships between mindfulness, learned helplessness, depression, and PTSD. Her work aims to bring SoundMind not only to veterans and active military personnel but also to undergraduate students across the country. 

Saniya’s prior background involves research into depression among Asian American undergraduates and looks into learned helplessness as a predictor of depression among college undergraduates. Saniya is also a mental health advocate and spends most of her time working to deconstruct the stigma surrounding mental health, specifically among communities of color, with nonprofits like the Jed Foundation. 

Saniya’s research for the Sound Mind Project is designed to provide not only a scientific foundation but also an insight into additional mindfulness-based treatments that may be administered to reduce symptomology and development of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Major Depressive Disorder.


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