Madeline Owen

Madeline Owen, a junior neuroscience/pre-med major at the University of Notre Dame, serves as the Sound Mind project’s consultant and researcher into the neural mechanisms underlying PTSD, as well as possible benefits of music therapy in alleviating stress symptoms associated with PTSD. Madeline provides further background and a neuroscience foundation for the project’s hands-on goals of developing an app to mitigate and manage PTSD. Under the mentorship of Dr. Rachel Branco, professor and advisor within the University of Notre Dame’s Neuroscience Department, Madeline conducts comprehensive literature reviews, researches experimental designs, and generates methods of investigating the ability of music to mitigate stress responses in PTSD. By investigating prior research in the fields of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and exposure therapy, Madeline aims to provide the necessary scientific foundation for the Sound Mind Project’s goal of offering an accessible, low-maintenance music therapy interface to benefit trauma and PTSD victims.


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