Lydia Giguere

Business Development Analyst

Lydia Giguere was born and raised in the small state of Maine, discovering her love for numbers and business at a young age. Lydia is a current sophomore at Marist College studying Finance and Cybersecuirty and is a part of the business team here at Soundmind. 
As a bank teller at a credit union for three years, Lydia has knowledge in both customer service and the banking industry. This experience has prepared Lydia in the art of teamwork and caused her to think critically regarding the small business in which she serves. She often has intellectual conversations analyzing small business decisions and the economic implications they may have. 
Lydia plans to continue her efforts as a bank teller this summer and return to campus in the fall to take on her junior year. However, Lydia’s interests on campus range further than simply crunching numbers. She is a member of the Women’s Rowing team and tutors fellow classmates in most School of Management core classes. 
Soundmind serves as an interest to Lydia as music is associated with most events in her lifetime. She is fascinated by the capability of music to alter human moods and the scientific ability to help those with mental illness. 
Lydia is blessed to have the opportunity to participate in the growth of Soundmind and is excited to see where the future leads!


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