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Originally, SoundMind Solutions was created solely to help Veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. However, during the worldwide outbreak of COVID-19, we modified our research efforts to more uniquely serve healthcare workers and frontline responders directly affected by the pandemic. COVID-19 has done the most damage to underprivileged communities, something that is recognized by the SoundMind Solutions team. As unemployment numbers rise and worldwide health infrastructures become strained, the global population has suffered a dramatic increase in levels of stress and anxiety. SoundMind has adapted to this changing environment by creating an extra layer to our app for healthcare workers, frontline responders, and direct victims of COVID-19. We have continued to fight against COVID-19 by partnering with other organizations and non-profits that can help our technology get into the hands of those who are unable to afford smartphones or computers. Our projected impact will reach thousands in major cities and suburban areas that lack proper healthcare and mental health support, as our research has indicated from our travel across the United States. We are here to do all week can do bring peace of mind to the millions of new unsound minds.

Protecting our communities mental health against the effects of COVID-19

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