Brian Femminella

As the CEO of SoundMind, I take pride in the company and ensure that our vision to help others suffering from PTSD and commitment to selfless service is emulated. While leveraging my personal and professional affiliations, I instill our companies values across the nation. I encourage everyone to join our mission because together we can accomplish the impossible.

Why Did I Start This Research?

As a current soldier, I am automatically involved in the veterans’ community and have access to an otherwise closed society, as well as genuine empathy for those individuals who I am researching. Due to my personal affiliation with my work, I have developed the desire to pursue studies on traumatized soldiers and civilians. After witnessing my fellow brothers and sisters struggling with their emotional health, I felt it necessary to engage in specific studies to help and learn valuable information. From this, I have been doing fieldwork with these individuals to ultimately come to the conclusion that PTSD is enhanced by auditory and situational triggers, and music therapy has proven to be helpful to the people who suffer. As a part of my research, I have analyzed how different musical entities have differently altered veterans' emotions and recorded this crucial data for further observations.
Music Therapy is a recent and quickly-evolving field spanning science and humanities. In order to develop a holistic understanding, it is vital to look at it scientifically through human biology and emotionally from the human perspective ethnographically. Although these two entities are not in direct correlation and are studied differently, their differences demand examination.

Why SoundMind?

To help combat this demand, I chose to start something bigger than myself that was an idea with a few friends at lunch. This idea quickly evolved from a mere comment to an extraordinary team of innovators, scholars, and believers. With this, we have chosen to create SoundMind, an easily accessible mobile tool that helps anyone who is struggling with trauma from horrific events of combat overseas to those who are sexually assaulted and feel alone. Here, at SoundMind Solutions, our goal is to help individuals on a day-to-day basis battle specific auditory triggers that create feelings of fear, discomfort, and anxiety. Our mobile application contains specific features for coping with PTSD through sound and game-based rehabilitation tools to help get users back on track and feeling themselves again. Although the VA has released mobile apps to help minimize the symptoms of PTSD, they fail to lack the personal touch and interactive abilities that many desperately need. Our objective is simple, to redefine the possibilities for helping those with trauma and positively change the lives of victims forever.

"It is important to push yourself, remember that there are no limits to what you can accomplish, and never back down from your greatest fears"

Brian Femminella


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