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In a world of dangers and obstacles, PTSD is real and deadly. Many struggle with the effects of physical and mental trauma – whether from combat, accidents, or sexual violence. With no widely available solution for PTSD, our team realized the need for SoundMind to create a safe and beneficial space for those in need. Victims of trauma need a solution that they can reliably count on. At SoundMind, we want to modernize the way that patients are able to receive the help they need. Our team of innovators and creators is constantly pushing to ensure that those with PTSD are not forgotten.


Custom Sound Profiles

Specific individualized sounds to reduce the effects of PTSD symptoms

Extensive Sound Library

Instant access to a large library of sounds tailored to what benefits you the most

Memory Rehabilitation

Multiple methods to rehabilitate memory and track your overall progress and growth


What is our research mission?

At SoundMind, we are engaged in a multifaceted study that measures the effects of music therapy on helping PTSD victims mitigate and manage traumatic episodes. We focus on investigating the way those affected with PTSD associate certain sounds with stressful or traumatic memories and help to reassociate these sounds with more constructive, positive experiences through music. The underlying neural mechanisms behind these stressful associations are sought to be rewired through music therapy, as facilitated through our mobile application accessible during traumatic episodes and for individualized therapy.

What makes our app unique?

Through studying Thanatosonics, the relationship between sound, violence, and human relationship, we were able to visualize the extent to which one suffers from PTSD. In conducting preliminary research on those who are currently experiencing trauma, we were able to identify how those affected weaponize sound in which sound completely loses its informational context. Incorporating this into our app and creating individual sonic profiles for each user that learn from what benefits them the most and tracks progress. By doing this we are able to make the most innovative PTSD app on the market, that's free.

Who makes up our team?

We are a team of diverse young innovators that span across the United States. With a common goal to inspire, engage, and assist the PTSD community we were able to create such a unique group. Students from The University of Southern California, Purdue University, Notre Dame University, and Drexel University make up our dedicated team of researchers, developers, and community leaders. The organization has recently teamed up with USC Institute for Creative Technologies, Audio Design Desk, and Army Valor Productions to advance our mission. Some members of our staff are currently serving in the Military, training for future service, or are recent Veterans.


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